The Galactic Journey has begun...

The Infinite Evolution


Where do I start?

My name is Spencer Cade. I am a father, raising a thirteen-year-old daughter named Jade. We get involved in a galactic journey, which we could have never imagined. The year is 2039, and I start my day fulfilling my morning routines. My life soon changes as I realize all Earthlings are just a minuscule part of something much more significant. Jade finds comfort in an android named Adam and shortly afterward encounters an alien race who unwilling learns the truth about their own ancestral heritage. I quickly find myself infatuated with a woman who is literally from out of this world. Confused with this newfound love, I need to decide: do I pursue these feelings or bury them deep inside? As both Jade and I move into our journeys, hoping to understand our contribution to life, we find ourselves in a world no longer our own. Before long epic events are put into motion, changing the fate of everything and everyone who resides in the Milky Way.

Planet Tureis

Planet Tureis is home to the Tureissians, a highly advanced humanoid species. It takes 450 days to complete a full orbit around its sun. The planet resides near the Milky Way galaxy's center and arguably is where life within the galaxy took root.