About the Author

Erik C. Johnson

Erik C. Johnson has over 20 years of law enforcement experience. During that time, he has worked with the cybercrime unit conducting online investigations and cyber forensics in Vermont. Mix this and his love for science fiction, and you will experience a sci-fi novel full of twists and turns.

If I didn't know Erik Johnson, I would never guess this novel was his first. It is just that good!

If technology is your thing, this story will entertain you. But The Infinite Evolution is more than science fiction. It is also a novel of mystery, philosophy, and -- especially unusual in a work of this sort -- humor.

For me, though, the characters are the highlight. From the mysterious Serafina, to the plucky young Jade, to a main character (Spencer) who meets with a variety of unexpected "fates," the characters' biting humor adds a definite flair.

Erik's chapter titles are masterful. "The End," soon followed by "The Beginning," are just two examples of how Erik inspires the reader's curiosity.

With The Infinite Evolution, Erik Johnson has launched what I hope will be a successful series of novels. May he continue writing, long enough to see us all -- maybe, just maybe -- driving cars with onboard sensors like the ones in this story. And if ever you encounter Tureissians in any realm, just remember: This book is where you heard of them first!

Stefano Donati