They believe they are perfect and have risen to the highest rung of the evolutionary ladder. They are resistant to change and hold to the belief that everyone has their place, and these places are static.


They follow the wind wherever it may take them. They do not question anyone, do not think for themselves, and are the easiest to persuade. They will follow whatever trend is popular with tenacity.


They follow what the current trend dictates on the outside but question it on the inside. These Tureissians dare not say anything to raise these inquiries because they are too lackadaisical. Some say they are condemned to incertitude.


A name adopted from Earth's past. We are the polar opposite and rivals to the Guardians. We believe in preserving evolution and that society will never achieve perfection since perfection does not exist. We believe once a society thinks it has achieved what they comprehend as perfection, it becomes stagnant and later falls from grace, as ours might. We wish to evolve and accept change continually.